Haircut…and a Calling

I went and got a haircut today after work after being so encouraged by a coworker because I was beginning to look like a shaggy mutt. As I sat there getting my curly blond hair sheered off, much like how a farmer sheers sheep, a simple little phrase floated into my sleepy mind: hem-Netjer.

I looked up what a hem-Netjer means to refresh my memory: it means “Servant of the God”, a type of priest in Ancient Egypt.

With the new moon on Saturday, the 18th of November 2017CE, the question stand: do I take the step from simple believer to accepting this calling? What would this entail? Or is it just a call to act more like a priest.

Crazy idea about modern mummification 

The other day my coworker was telling me about how over her 3 day weekend she had and her husband cut up pineapple and dehydrated them. 

It made me think of how in modern times that we could see mummification used as an option for preparing a body for a funeral. This would involve the removal of the stomach, lungs, liver, intestines to be dried separately like in the process of mummification used by the Ancient Egyptians. 

The difference is they are not kept in salt (a special kind of salt called natron) for 70 days. The modern process would involve preparing the body to be dried for a drying process of 25-35 days. 

Just a crazy idea to add to the options.


I now have The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan in English and Spanish! My plan is to read a chapter in the Spanish translation then the same chapter in the English text. Maybe I can brush up on my Spanish from all those years ago. Perhaps I will start translating my posts into Spanish?

¡Ahora tengo Las Crónicas de Kane por Rick Riordan en inglés y español! Mi plan es leer un capítulo en la traducción española entonces el mismo capítulo en el texto inglés. Quizás yo pueda repasar mi español de todos esos años atrás. ¿Quizás empezaré traducir mis posts al español?