Prayers to Anubis

Recently during my Facebook group readings of an Egyptian pagan group someone asking for help with creating prayers. So here is how I come up with my prayers.

The first group we will call holiday prayers. These prayers I try to make more poetic and formal. For these prayers it’s a good idea to have them written down in a notebook or journal just for your prayers or typed up and saved. I usually have what I call a mixture of holidays that I find that I work my holiday prayers around:

• holidays pertaining to Anubis that have historical sources

• main Kemetic holidays that I observe that I find away to pull Anubis into the main holiday

• secular-Christian holidays that I observe with family and friends that I also find away to honor and worship Anubis in my own way during these times

For an example there is an upcoming festival called “Anubis Goes Forth With His Adorers” on February 3 according to Kemetic Orthodox calendar and February 8 according to Kemetic Reconstructionist calendar:

~Anubis goes forth with His adorers~

Anubis goes forth with His adorers

among the crowd and beside in dark’st night,

We pray that You guide us from those horrors

of life that’d lead us away from Thy light.

Lord of the Sacred Ground stands strong and tall,

a mighty god who hears our righteous call!

Our thanks and Your praise we offer and give

for all the blessings and guidance You’ve shown!

We’ll sing Your praises so – as we live

while our transgressions ere You we atone!

We look to Your strong face, O Great Jackal,

as You lift and remove our cold shackles!

Anubis, come to Your place at our side

as we go out among our tasks today;

Our spiritual sustenance You provide

as we walk along Your well-blazed pathway.

He over the Secrets, so much You’ve taught

to us as each day and night You we’ve sought.

The second group of prayers are the simple prayers. These prayers are the ones that come from the moment. The prayers that come in our own words. Like when one is praying for a safe drive home in a snow storm. The language is respectful, but more personal and direct. This type of prayer can be done before one’s shrine/altar (if you have/use one), or simply spoken from the heart.

I find for myself this is more of the kind of prayer that I notice that I use because I can do it any where as needed.

In The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook by Tamara L. Siuda, she says that there are four types of prayer: reward (“I give You this, so You will give me that.”), human-made conditional offering (“Give me that, and I’ll give You this.”), god-made conditional offering (“You must give Me this if I give you that.”), thanksgiving (“I am giving You this, because You gave me that.”). These types of prayers are what make up this group prayers and can be combined.

Now, for the last little note. Your holiday prayers and your simple prayers can and will mix as well at times too.