It’s been awhile since I have written anything. Don’t fret, I have not abandoned you!

Lately I have noticed how a slight shift in my life not for the positive. Have you ever been around someone who is stressed out and freaking out at the same time, that you end up stressing out as well? Ever find yourself hear conversations that are just complaining and negativity-spewing which pulls you into their black hole of negativity? Or that you are stressing yourself out with a list of tasks or expectations for yourself?

I have. Be this at work or be this with friends and family. Or sitting by myself driving myself up a wall that is not there.

Lately a hymnal tune #140 (in the LDS hymnal) “Did You Think to Pray?” has popped into my head as an ear worm of divine proportions. When I looked up the lyrics, the second verse with the chorus stuck out to me:

“When your heart was filled with anger, / Did you think to pray? / Did you plead for grace, my brother, / That you might forgive another / Who had crossed your way? / Oh, how praying rests the weary! / Prayer will change the night to day. / So, when life gets dark and dreary, / Don’t forget to pray.”

Don’t forget to pray! I think that this is Anubis’ gentle nudge to help me remember that when I am feeling like I am struggling to reach out to Them. How a simple morning prayer can set your attitude for the day. Or when you are feeling nervous driving home in the snow on slick roads.

When I start feeling anxious, I focus on my breathing; then once I start getting calmed down I count slowly to ten in Latin: 1 ūnus (OO-nus) I / 2 duo (DUUH-oh) II / 3 trēs (TRAYS) III / 4 quattuor (KWAHT-tuh-or) IV / 5 quīnque (KWEEN-kweh) V / 6 sex (SEHKS) VI / 7 septem (SEHP-tehm) VII / 8 octō (AHK-toh) VIII / 9 novem (NAH-wehm) IX / 10 decem (DEH-kehm) X. I then usually say a pray for help through whatever it is that I am dealing with.

When you pray, it doesn’t have to be loud. It could be a whisper or just said in your heart/mind. It won’t need fancy, verbose ritual (of course, if you want or desire such, go ahead).

But with the stresses of the holiday season brings us in our work and family lives, just remember to relax and enjoy the company. If you are working during this chaos, be patient with everyone and yourself. And help spread some seasonal cheer.

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Merry Moomas!