A thought that popped into my head

Do the deities of other faiths/religions look out for people who don’t know them nor worship them?

Do the gods and the goddesses step in and help the other gods and goddesses with their worshipers?

I think that they do.

We may call on a god or goddesses we feel close to help or to listen to what we have on our mind. But another god or goddesses, listens and leaves a note for the god being; or answers the phone, and listens to the prayer till the god being prayed to can come to the phone. In a metaphorical way of looking at.

It would be like Jesucristo* sitting with me holding my hand as Thor holds me up right while I pass a kidney stone (Guys and gals, if you have never had a kidney stone, I hope and pray that you never have one) while Anubis is busy helping elsewhere or taking care of the kidney stone situation while Jesucristo and Thor keep me distracted.

I hope this has made sense to you!

*Spanish for Jesus Christ.

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