My place in Kemeticism 

When it comes to finding the Netjeru (Gods) and Netjerut (Goddess) or being found by Them, I was found by Anubis (Anpu) or just noticed his presence in my life.

The cult center of Anubis (Anpu) in Ancient Egypt was the 17th nome of Upper Egypt and it was known as Cynopolis, Greek for “the City of the Dog.” Here He was part of a father-mother-child triad with his female counterpart as well as consort Anput and their daughter Kebechet.

• Anubis can be simply described as the god associated with cemeteries and embalming.
• Anput can be simply described as the goddess associated with funerals and mummification.

• Kebechet can be simply described as the goddess associated with the embalming fluid.

Now, I know guess you are wondering why the whole death and funeral preparation. In Ancient Egyptian Religion and it’s modern forms, the gods and goddesses were not static deities stuck to what they are “the deity of.”

In the Osirian or Abydene tradition, which itself is associated with the creation myth of Heliopolis, Anubis was the son of Osiris by Nephthys. But the parentage of Anubis is different depending what source you look at, because in some accounts Anubis is the son of Seth and Nephthys. In some accounts he’s the son of the sun god Ra with a goddess called Hesat.

I view my place in Kemeticism being called the Cynopolitan tradition, an off shoot of either the Heliopolitan tradition or the Abydene tradition.


For Anubis

For Anput

For Kebechet

For Cynopolis

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