A Poetic Prayer to Anubis 

This prayer is something that I try to repeat when I am feeling anxious. And I am feeling anxious tonight so if it can help someone else. It will have been and done something good.
O Anubis, the Great Physician, come

to me for my soul quavereth in fear!

With each passing minute, I could succumb

to which would take away what I hold dear.

My spirits lighten seeing your loving

smile as you gently hold me to your chest

and I listen to you softly singing

forgetting the reasons why I was stressed.

Anubis the Magnificent Jackal,

I am at peace resting in your chapel.

Prayer To Anubis 

Prayer To Anubis by For The Netjer

Beloved and most respected Lord of the Earth,

Strict Gatekeeper of the Duat, Lord of the Cavern in the Sacred Land, the Foremost of the Two Lands!

Protect me in my travels as You protect those who pass into the Realm of Shadows,

Guide my steps as You would guide the souls to the Chamber of Judgment, safely from any harm

– from above, from underneath, from within and without,

All shall tremble at the sight of He Who is Upon His Mountain in Eternity and leave the path clear ahead.

Expel my enemies from my life, help me conquer my adversaries and let them tremble at the sound of Your sacred name.

Keep me safe and comforted in Your eternal grace, Splendid Guardian and fierce protector!

Open my eyes so I may see,

Open my ears so I may hear,

Open my mouth so I may speak,

Support me as You would support the Pillar, let Your grace shine upon me.

I shall forever bring you praises and honour Your name!

A Hotep-di-Nisut…

It hath been one decade since my grandpa on my mother’s side of the family passed away.  Here are prayers 45, 48, 49, and 47 from The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook by Tamara L. Siuda. They are a special kind of prayer said on behalf of the deceased.

[45] “The sky is yours, the earth is yours, the cemetery roads are yours. Praise to you in peace! You will not be separated from the Lord of the West. Aset spreads Her arms over you, She grants you peaceful rest forever. O gods, grant that the Wesir Robert Ferrin, true of voice, be among You in the beautiful West!”

[48] “An offering which the Nisut gives to Wesir, an invocation offering of a thousand loaves of bread and jars of beer, a thousand pieces of alabaster, oxen and fowl upon the altar; so say Aset and Nebt-het to Robert Ferrin, true of voice. May your head be raised, may you live, may you possess a body, may you always be a Shemsu, may you live.”

[49] “An offering which the Nisut gives to Yinepu-on-His-Mountain, He Who is in the embalming tent, Lord of the Sacred Land, in all His pure and good places: an invocation offering of an honored one of the great god who is lord of the sky, Robert Ferrin, of a thousand of bread and beer, cattle, birds, alabaster, clothing, the funeral offerings and a thousand of all pure and good things which spirits love to eat, for Robert Ferrin born of Dorothy Ferrin. May he cross heaven, cross the sky, travel safely on the good roads of the holy ones, and may he be helped into the neshmet-boat among Them.”

[47] “O Robert Ferrin, take this bread which I give as your loaf, which Heru, great in Upper Kemet, gives you; be filled with what I bring. It is the Eye of Heru.”

My place in Kemeticism 

When it comes to finding the Netjeru (Gods) and Netjerut (Goddess) or being found by Them, I was found by Anubis (Anpu) or just noticed his presence in my life.

The cult center of Anubis (Anpu) in Ancient Egypt was the 17th nome of Upper Egypt and it was known as Cynopolis, Greek for “the City of the Dog.” Here He was part of a father-mother-child triad with his female counterpart as well as consort Anput and their daughter Kebechet.

• Anubis can be simply described as the god associated with cemeteries and embalming.
• Anput can be simply described as the goddess associated with funerals and mummification.

• Kebechet can be simply described as the goddess associated with the embalming fluid.

Now, I know guess you are wondering why the whole death and funeral preparation. In Ancient Egyptian Religion and it’s modern forms, the gods and goddesses were not static deities stuck to what they are “the deity of.”

In the Osirian or Abydene tradition, which itself is associated with the creation myth of Heliopolis, Anubis was the son of Osiris by Nephthys. But the parentage of Anubis is different depending what source you look at, because in some accounts Anubis is the son of Seth and Nephthys. In some accounts he’s the son of the sun god Ra with a goddess called Hesat.

I view my place in Kemeticism being called the Cynopolitan tradition, an off shoot of either the Heliopolitan tradition or the Abydene tradition.


For Anubis





For Anput




For Kebechet 



For Cynopolis